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My pool pump won’t prime

Our customers often seek advice from us when their pool pump won’t prime and therefore won’t pump any water. Below is a quick series of steps you can go through to try to solve this problem:

1. Check that the water level in the pool is at last ½ way up the skimmer mouth inlet.
2. If you have an automatic suction pool cleaner, disconnect it fully from the skimmer box and also remove the vacuum plate. Also remove any skimmer sock, if you have one fitted to the skimmer basket, and clean the basket if it is dirty.
3. Remove the pool pump lid and inspect for any obvious cracks or holes. Also check that the seal for the pump lid is in position correctly and in good condition. Ensure that if your pump is below water level, you shut off any relevant valves before performing this step.
4. Check that the pump basket is clean and ensure that it has been fully seated in any relevant keyways or locating channels as to allow the pump lid to be fully fastened down.
5. Check that the inlet and outlet fittings that attach your pump to the plumbing are tightened adequately.
6. Pour a couple of buckets of water, or run a garden hose, into the hair and lint pot of your pump (where basket is located). You will generally only be able to fill it up to about half way inside this area and this is quite normal.
7. Refit the pump lid correctly and ensure that any 2 or 3-way valves are back in their correct positions. Also ensure that if you have a sand or D.E. filter that the handle is back in the “filter” position.
8. Now turn your pool pump back on and see if it now primes. Generally it should take no longer than 60 seconds for your pump to achieve full prime. Ensure that you can actually hear the motor turning at this time.

Hopefully your pool pump is now working correctly. If not, then you should Contact Us to seek further advice.

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