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How can I tell if my pool is leaking ?

Our customers are often confused as to whether their pool is leaking or if their water loss is just due to natural evaporation. On one hand if pools are leaking, they usually leak below ground and leave no direct evidence that there is even a leak. On the other hand evaporation can remove several inches of water per week at certain times and even in Winter periods, during windy and dry conditions, evaporation rates can match or exceed that of the Summer periods.

Here is a simple and easy test that we simply refers to as “The Bucket Test” to help to determine if indeed your pool is actually leaking:

1. Fill your pool up to an adequate level that will allow your filtration to operate and not require you to further top the pool up within a 1 week period.
2. Somehow take note of this water level point in the pool, this is usually easiest achieved by noting the level inside the skimmer box and taking a measurement with a ruler or tape measure.
3. Take a normal 10 litre plastic bucket and fill the bucket approximately ¾ full with water. Mark the level of this water on the bucket with either tape or a felt pen.
4. Place this bucket directly beside the pool.
5. Now monitor the water level in the pool and the bucket over the next 4-7 days. If you are using the pool during this period, ensure that no excessive splashing goes on that would affect the outcome of this test. And obviously do not top up the pool with water or perform any filter backwashing during this period.

Essentially if the pool loses noticeably more water than the bucket, then it is more than likely you have a leak and you should consult Contact Us for further advice. Otherwise, you have just witnessed the power of evaporation ! Often our customers are surprised just how much water can be lost from a swimming pool during more severe periods of evaporation.

There are some good products available to limit evaporation such as:

1. A good quality suitable pool blanket.
2. The Lochlor Solar Shield liquid pool blanket products.

Contact Us if you wish to chat further regarding any of these products.

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