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How do I tell if my Astralpool Viron or VX Chlorinator is working properly ?

Customers often come into our pool shops and have questions relating to low chlorine levels in their pools. It is often confusing to them as to whether the problem lies with their chlorinator or other factors (ie. poor water balance, extreme weather, heavy usage, inadequate running times etc). Assuming that the water has been tested by a professional pool shop and your salt level is above 5000ppm, then here is how simple it is to ascertain whether your Astralpool Viron or VX chlorinator is working correctly:

1. On your chlorinator, adjust the output of the unit up to maximum (ie. Usually 8 lights or LCD bars on the display)
2. With the unit on and running, after the intial pre purge period has been completed, the LCD screen should show an output number with either a ‘+’ or a ‘-‘ sign before it. The number that is displayed on the screen should match the output that has been set. And with the output set to maximum, this should be the number ‘8’.
3. Don’t forget to set your unit back to your desired output after this test.

If your unit has passed this simple test, then you can be 99% sure that the unit is working correctly. If it did not pass this test, or you are still having problems, then contact us to discuss having your chlorinator inspected.

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